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Transparent, clear and timely information allows the stakeholders to make better de- cisions. That is why Grupo Nutresa presents the 2016 GRI 102-1 Integrated Report, which contains the progress achieved with regard to the most relevant material topics for the sustainable growth of the Organization.

The management details are portrayed by means of the six strategic sustainability prior- ities: Acting with integrity, Fostering profitable growth and effective innovation, Promoting a healthy lifestyle, Managing the value chain responsibly, Building a better society, and Reducing the environmental impact of the operations and products. Each one of these priorities includes material topics with the de- scription of their purpose, strategy and prog- ress, risks and opportunities, and outlook.

This report was prepared in accordance with the new GRI standard (Comprehensive option), and with the food sector supplement of the G4 GRI 102-54 guide. Additionally, it in- corporates the principles and elements of the International Integrated Reporting Council’s framework, it covers 21 relevant topics from the social, environmental and economic di- mensions from all the countries where Grupo Nutresa has significant operations, except for Venezuela, for which only the financial data and the number of employees (GRI 103-1) were included. For this report, the data of the GRI 404-3 indicator were restated in search for comparability. GRI 102-49

Furthermore, the report does not include information on the Retail Food Business with regard to matters related to food safety, re- sponsible sourcing, quality of life, nutrition and healthy lifestyles, energy, climate change, water resource management and waste man- agement.

Moreover, it is Grupo Nutresa’s eighth prog- ress report on the fulfillment of the ten prin- ciples of the United Nations Global Compact and it evidences the Organization’s contribu- tion to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). GRI 102-12

The financial information of Grupo Nutresa and its subordinated companies is prepared in accordance with the International Financial Report- ing Standards (IFRS) approved in Colombia and with all other legal provisions issued by surveillance and control bodies. The companies apply the accounting practices and policies that the Parent Company has adopted, which for the subordinate companies located outside Colombia do not substantially differ from the accounting practices used in the countries of origin or their practices and policies have been standardized in the case of those that have a significant impact on the consolidated financial statements. This information has been audited by PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC).

The non-financial information is verified by KPMG Advisory Services (GRI 102-56), an independent auditing firm that abides by the guidelines of the ISAE 3000 international standard, whose report has concluded that the information is presented in an adequate fashion according to the GRI guidelines. Likewise, KPMG has conducted an analysis of the co- herence between the information described in the chapter regarding the “Self-diagnostic” of the Incor- poration of the Integrated Reporting Principles and Elements, which is available on the Report’s website.

For an easier understanding by the readers, a spe- cific format has been defined with the purpose of en- abling a clear identification of the basic GRI contents in relation to each material topic and the Sustainable Development Goals to which they are connected.

General contents GRI 101-1
Material topics GRI 301-1
Sector specific supplement G4 FP1
Sustainable Development Goals [SDG 16]