Grupo Nutresa’s product innovations

//Grupo Nutresa’s product innovations
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Cold Cuts

Practicarne (Practical ground beef)

The Cold Cuts Business launched a new packaging for Practicarne, which maintains the same weight of the previous packaging (400 g) but it is now packaged in two separate 200-g servings with the purpose of offering the consumer increased convenience, ease of dosing and better conservation of the sensory characteristics of the product.

Zenú snacks

Zenú launched empanadas and cheese fingers (for frying or baking), small for sharing them anywhere or large for enjoying them at home. The new Zenú snacks are easy to prepare, practical and have a homemade flavor.

Olivier salad

With the purpose of revitalizing the Cold Cuts long self-life category, the Zenú brand launched for the Christmas season its Olivier salad: a mixture of vegetables and sausages with a special sauce, making it a highly practical product for sharing.

Chicken with pickled veggies

Consumers’ need for portable food solutions in today’s lifestyle motivated Zenú to launch its chicken with pickled veggies as a line product in the long shelf-life category. This innovation was highly valued by the consumers as a practical solution to take and enjoy anywhere.

Ranchera resealable package

This solution offers the consumers new benefits with a double-zipper flexible packaging that opens and closes easily, helps to maintain the freshness of the product and allows a better conservation.

Ranchera Cerveroni

This product was thought to satisfy the flavor experiences of the consumers with the characteristic smoky and spicy flavor of the Ranchera brand. A product proposal differentiated in terms of flavor and presentation which includes pork, beef and spices, ideal as a main-course protein or as an ingredient for diverse preparations.

Pietrán chicken sausages

94% fat-free sausages endorsed by the Colombian Heart Foundation, characterized by their smokiness, delicious flavor and juicy bite. This launch strengthens the brand in the most important segment of the category.


Tosh multi-grain and organic corn snacks

The snacks portfolio was strengthened under the TOSH brand with two presentations: organic corn and sesame seeds, and multi-grain, both of them gluten-free.

Ducales Provocación

The traditional Ducales biscuits were innovated by covering half of each biscuit with chocolate. This biscuits were launched as a pilot product for Novaventa’s direct sales channel.


Jumbo’s limited editions

The brand launched two limited edition chocolate bars: one with hazelnut filling and another with peanut butter filling.

Greek yogurt cereal bar

TOSH launched into the market a cereal bar with berries and Greek yogurt flavor.

Crunchy Chocolisto

Malt-based, granulated or powdered milk modifier as a flavor supplement to the chocolate Chocolisto.

Granuts snacks

Mix of nuts, peanuts, dried fruits and other ingredients that provide energy and protein, practical to take it anywhere at any time of the day.

Winter’s all-in-one

Cocoa with milk and sugar, easy to prepare only by adding water.

Tresmontes Lucchetti

Whole wheat pasta

Pastas Lucchetti launched its new whole-wheat line, which contains twice as much fiber as regular pasta, helping thus to regulate bowel movements and maintain a balanced diet. The whole wheat pasta is available as spaghetti 5 and fusilli 56 in 400-g presentations.


Small-format product of pasta in different shapes designed for kids, which makes the eating experience more comfortable with different type of sauces, being a fun product at the same time.

Gold Premier granulated instant coffee

Colombian product with a higher quality in different presentations: glass containers of 170 g, 100 g and 50 g.

Livean Aqua

New and assorted refreshing combinations with a touch of fruit flavor: raspberry-orange, apple-cinnamon and cucumber-mint.

Livean AntiOx

The new Livean AntiOx products are formulated based on green tea and maqui (Chilean wineberry), which are ingredients known for their high antioxidant content. Three flavors are offered: maqui, strawberry-blueberry and raspberry.

Cocoa Raff

Cocoa Raff launched into the market a new chocolate-flavored powdered product with vitamins and minerals. It also provides excellent solubility and a delicious flavor, and it is presented in a practical container.


Cápsulas Express Nutresa

This is a proposal designed for a broad segment of the target audience due to the variety of products it offers, enabling consumers to enjoy the Sello Rojo, Colcafé, Matiz and Corona brands. The pod system guarantees an ideal and homogeneous cup every time you prepare it. This launch allowed to revitalize the coffee category.

Retail Food

Milkshake festival de Malteadas

Hamburguesas el Corral’s Milkshake festival offered its customers new and innovative flavors: cookies and cream, lulada (lulo and lime), lemon pie, merengón (meringue, cream and fruit), and choco-peanut.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

With this innovation, a new option of flavors and proteins was offered to the customers.

Ice Cream

Bocatto Jumbo

Chocolate cookie with chocolate ice cream and peanut chunks, filled with chocolate sauce, Jumbo Dots and with a Jumbo chocolate tip. Currently, it is the top product from the Bocatto family.

3-Benefit Ice Pop

This ice pop offers three benefits: iron, zinc and vitamin C, and it also has three different textures: red berries-jello, strawberry ice cream and orange juice.

Chocolisto Ice Pop

The Chocolisto brand launched a chocolate-flavored ice pop covered with chocolate, which also has a high vitamin content.

Country Hill mandarin nectar

The Country Hill brand ventured into the nectar category in 2016 with the new Mandarin nectar, which highlights the naturalness, practicality and freshness of the brand.

POPS frappé coffees and teas

The POPS ice cream shops in Costa Rica started selling a new product category that offers a broader variety to the consumers. The brand offers three different frappé coffee flavors: caramel, cappuccino and mocaccino. And two different flavors of frappé teas are offered: chai and taro.

Birthday cake

Celebration is part of the value offer from the Bon ice cream shops in the Dominican Republic, with the new creamy pie-and-meringue-flavored ice cream with ladyfinger crumbs and multi-colored sprinkles.


Gluten-free pasta

Doria meets the special needs of the Colombian consumers by developing a gluten-free pasta and offering it in two different presentations: short and long, with the best texture, flavor and color.

Chorizo-flavored spaghetti

New flavors were explored with this product, which doesn’t need to be accompanied with many ingredients, facilitating its preparation. The reference used for this product is the “Antioqueño” chorizo from the Zenú brand.