Strategy for our first century

///Strategy for our first century
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Our centenarian strategy is aimed at doubling our 2013 sales by 2020, with a profitability ranging between 12% and 14% of the EBITDA margin.

2 x $5,9 trillion
= $11,8 trillion

To achieve this goal, we offer our consumers food products and experiences from highly recognized and beloved brands. Our products nourish, generate well-being and pleasure, have the best price-value ratio, are widely available in our strategic region, and are managed by talented, innovative, committed and responsible people who contribute to a comprehensive sustainable development.”


The mission of our Company is the increasing generation of value, achieving an outstanding return on investments, greater than the cost of the capital used.

In our food businesses, we always seek to improve the quality of life of the consumers and the progress of our people.

We look for profitable growth with leading brands, a superior service, and an excellent local and international distribution.

We manage our activities based on our commitment to sustainable development, with the best human talent, outstanding innovation and an exemplary corporate behavior.

Corporate philosophy and performance GRI 102-16

Autonomy with strategic coherence
Good corporate governance
Responsible corporate citizenship
World-class competitiveness
Development of our people
Participation and collaborative management
Food safety

Differentiators of our business model

Our people
We promote participative environments, the development of skills focused on both being and doing, the acknowledgement of achievements, the construction of a leading brand, and a balanced lifestyle for our people.
Organizational climate at a level of excellence:

Our brands
Our brands are leaders in the markets where we participate as they are widely recognized and cherished, nourish, generate well-being and have become a part of people’s daily lifestyle, with an excellent price-value ratio.
18 brands
with sales over USD 50 million.

Our distribution networks
Our wide distribution network, which is organized by channels and segments and includes specialized service teams, allows us to have an excellent product availability in terms of frequency, as well as a close relationship with our customers.
points of sale.