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Diego Medina Leal
Part of Nutresa since 1997 / Age: 55

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Direct presence in 3 countries

Presence of our main brands
Brands with sales over USD 50 Million
Production plants

Relevant aspects from 2016

  • We continued our efforts at developing the categories in which the Business participates with the purpose of maintaining our leadership and the preference of customers and consumers.
  • Zenú, Ranchera and Pietrán were strengthened in the market by means of differentiated concepts. Rica and Cunit continue to be a great brand option with an excellent cost-benefit ratio.
  • We revitalized the categories with the successful launch of new products and concepts into the market, such as salchicha de pollo Pietrán (chicken hot dog), cervecero Ranchera (sausage), pasabocas Zenú (snacks) in Colombia, and salchicha ahumada (smoked hot dog) and madurados (cured products) in Panama.
  • We defined a sourcing model focused on serving the market, producing a positive impact on the service level towards the customers. Additionally, we strengthened the meat raw material sourcing process with the incorporation of a beef processing plant.
  • We consolidated our operation in Panama by positioning the brands Blue Ribbon and Berard, and by achieving a better market coverage through the implementation of the “Go to Market” entry model.
  • In Venezuela, we have a flexible operation that has adjusted to the challenges posed by this country’s context.

Outlook for 2017

  • Continuing to develop the categories with the aim of generating trust among the consumers with recognized brands and a nutritious and high-quality product portfolio.
  • Addressing the market efficiently through a broad cold distribution network, as a differentiating and competitive element.
  • Consolidating the integration systems of the pork and beef raw materials, generating flexibility and mitigating the impacts caused by the pressure of the business context regarding their cost.
  • Reinforcing the operating model based on the comprehensive management of the processes and the implementation of technologies that allow to timely and efficiently respond to the market needs.
  • Strengthening our position in the Panamanian market in order to mobilize the category by means of the brands and the cold distribution network.
  • Continuing to adjust the processes and operations in Venezuela with the purpose of responding to an increasingly challenging context.


Total Sales

COP billion

Growth percentage

CAGR 4,5%* *Compound Annual Growth Rate

The Cold Cuts Business represents

of Grupo Nutresa’s total sales.

Sales in Colombia

COP billion CAGR 4,8%

The sales in Colombia represent

of the total business unit sales.

Sales abroad

USD million CAGR -9,6%

The sales abroad represent

of the total business unit sales.


Miles de millones de COP

Growth percentage

CAGR 4,9%

The Cold Cuts Business represents

of Grupo Nutresa’s ebitda.

Diego Medina Leal
Part of Nutresa since 1997 / Age: 55
(includes direct labor, IMCs and other raw materials)
Packaging material
Chicken and Turkey
(total sales %)
Cold Cuts 82,6%
Long Shelf Life 7,4%
Other 10,0
Cold Cuts
-0,4% Variación
Long Shelf Life
1,3% Variation
(includes direct and indirect employees and apprentices)
(includes direct employees and apprentices)