Redes Comerciales Secas – Transverse Units

///Redes Comerciales Secas – Transverse Units
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Álvaro Arango Restrepo
[Part of Nutresa since 2001 / Age: 56]

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Mapa Redes Comerciales

Relevant aspects from 2016

  • We strengthened the organizational model focused on customers, consumers and buyers to increase their satisfaction and loyalty. This was done by delivering competitive value propositions developed according to each segment in order to address its needs and expectations.
  • We analyzed customers’ behaviors, the point of sale management and the alignment in processes and culture until achieving excellence levels in terms of satisfaction and loyalty.
  • We developed the capabilities of our customers by providing training and comprehensive support for their businesses to contribute to their sustainability.
  • We defined innovative and differentiated strategies jointly with customers and buyers from the self-service channel with the purpose of solidifying their loyalty.
  • The chains channel collaboration model evolved with the aim of delivering to our customers value propositions and solutions suited to their needs.
  • We strengthened the Brands and Networks Management Model to achieve the brands’ connection with the consumers and the understanding of the buyers’ shopping missions.

Outlook for 2017

  • AMaking progress in the research on the knowledge about customers, buyers and consumers in order to adapt the value propositions according to the evolution of their behaviors and needs with the aim of solidifying their loyalty.
  • Focusing the activations on the customers by means of actions that allow to improve their purchase experience with the purpose of increasing the value of the brands.
  • Aligning the portfolio, the service methods and the commercial management elements with the specific needs of each customer segment.
  • Strengthening the consumer service channels to establish a solid connection with them, make the most of the existing advantages and develop digital capabilities.
  • Maintaining the customer development in alignment with our value proposition and our loyalty strategy framework.
  • Making progress in the widespread development of the loyalty plans for the self-service channel customers with the purpose of supporting their sustainability and solidifying their loyalty.


Total Sales

COP billion

% de crecimiento

CAGR 6,7%*  * Compound Annual Growth Rate

This Business represents 

of Grupo Nutresa’s total sales.

Álvaro Arango Restrepo
[Part of Nutresa since 2001 / Age: 56]
(includes direct and indirect employees and apprentices)
(includes direct employees and apprentices)