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Strategy and progress

Follow-up to customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Satisfaction evaluates the alignment between what Grupo Nutresa delivers and the expectations of customers with regard to the performance and efficiency of the processes. The score in Colombia was 88,8 in Colombia and 91,6 in the international operations.
  • Loyalty indicates both the emotional connection with customers and their willingness to recommend us. Colombia scored 76,0 and the international operations scored 71,6 in this indicator.
Developing differentiated and specialized value propositions for customer segments.
  • Based on the understanding of needs and characteristics of customers, the organization defined differentiated value propositions that would guarantee the generation of value, profitability and sustainability for both parties.
  • These propositions contain emotional, rational and convenient elements aimed to create bonds through a timely, consistent and comprehensive delivery in every moment of truth.
Implementing loyalty and engagement strategies to develop and strengthen customers’ capabilities.
The following initiatives were developed:
  • Training
  • Co-creation with customers
  • Loyalty programs
  • Collaborative models
  • Experience centers
  • Events
  • Customer development
  • Use of sustainable materials
  • Impeccable visibility execution in the points of sale
Establishing effective communication channels with customers.
  • New digital communication channels were enabled to serve the customers and provide differentiated experiences.
Consolidating inclusive and sustainable business models that contribute to the development of customers.
  • The Organization strengthened the market penetration models that stimulate the creation of jobs and opportunities for vulnerable populations.


Providing customers with differentiated value propositions that contribute to their growth, profitability and sustainability, with the purpose of generating value to Grupo Nutresa through their satisfaction and loyalty. It also contributes to the development of the communities through the Organization´s commercial relation with them.

Risks and opportunities GRI 103-1

Grupo Nutresa faces a highly competitive environment where the differentiated experiences gain relevance. The customer-centered focus is a basic strategy to build lasting commercial relationships that promote the sustainability of the businesses through the delivery of value propositions.

The adequate compliance with the specific regulations of each country where the Organization operates, as well as the multiple communication channels and the access to technologies, is the behavior and means to keep in touch with the stakeholders, leading to their satisfaction and watching over the reputation and protection of the brands.

The social risks of both the commercialization and distribution are related to the job conditions of the deliverers. The environmental impacts are related to the emissions of greenhouse gases, air pollutants, waste management, vehicle maintenance and the energy efficiency in the use of fuels and electricity. The Organization has developed specific controls and initiatives to mitigate all of them.

Product display at a point of sale.


The distribution network, which is one of the differentiators of our business model, allows Grupo Nutresa to provide its clients with high-quality products.

Grupo Nutresa will continue to strengthen its customer-centered organization as part of its core values. This model adapts the value proposal of the customers, based on the understanding of their needs. This way, differentiated experiences are provided encouraging repurchase and referencing with top levels of satisfaction and loyalty.

The development of customers’ capabilities will continue to be a main focus. The Organization will keep on providing training focused on their specific needs according to its segments, improving the service they deliver to their shoppers and consumers.

Additionally, Grupo Nutresa will incorporate cutting-edge digital capabilities that enable a comprehensive relationship and interaction with customers, consumers and shoppers adapted to their needs.

Lastly, the Organization will implement efficient distribution technologies and processes that contribute to reducing the carbon footprint and waste generation.

Success stories and acknowledgments GRI 103-3

More than 607 customers received point-of-sale consulting from the Company´s commercial developers, allowing them to achieve a comprehensive development of their business for its growth and sustainability.

Comercial Nutresa employees, Bogotá.

Comercial Nutresa received the “2016 Proveedor de Éxito” (Successful Supplier) award from Grupo Éxito (The #1 customer) in acknowledgment of its high innovation level and for its supply chain that is adapted to the retail needs. Additionally, Alkosto granted Comercial Nutresa the 2015-2016 best supplier award in the food line for its commitment, understanding and customer support.

Progress achieved in 2016 GRI 103-3

In order to manage sales responsibly, Grupo Nutresa focuses on customer, consumer and shopper knowledge, reinforcement of capabilities, social and environmental impact, loyalty and engagement strategies, and specialized value propositions.

Development of customers’ capabilities and social impact in communities

In addition to developing customers’ skills, the training programs seek to transcend to the communities where our customers operate, not only by focusing on the sustainability of their businesses but also by considering their comprehensive education based on the being and the doing. For this purpose, Grupo Nutresa developed the following initiatives in 2016:

  • Monthly meetings with more than 6.700 Novaventa individual entrepreneurs, for addressing issues such as selfesteem, entrepreneurship, household economics, nutrition and wellbeing, consumer moments, among others.
  • Novaventa and the Cold Cuts Business offered training to more than 1.300 customers with the aim of promoting the incorporation of technology that allows them to leverage their business and become replicators for their communities, contributing thus to the improvement of their quality of life.
  • “Escuela de Clientes Nutresa” (Nutresa Customers School), through an alliance with Universidad Javeriana, provided training to 726 customers in Colombia with the aim of developing competitive businesses, increasing sales and improving their quality of life. These contents were replicated in the Biscuits Business in Costa Rica with the support of the Cámara Nacional de Comerciantes Detallistas y Afines (Canacodea, National Chamber of Retail and Allied Traders) and Universidad Fidelitas. 29 retailers graduated in the first cohort.
  • In Costa Rica and Panama, the Organization continued to work on the program for developing the mom and pop stores channel. In these two countries, this type of stores are owned and kept by Chinese immigrants. This program included the distribution of games and the development of interaction activities aimed at overcoming cultural barriers and strengthening the relationship with the customers. The Cold Cuts Business and Comercial Nutresa offered training to customers from the minimarket, wholesale, agents and coffee and bakery shops channels in order to enable capabilities regarding product development, portfolio diversification, category analysis, food handling, workplace health and safety systems, and logistics efficiency.
  • La Recetta developed offers with special prices and special commercial conditions for nonprofit institutions that are customers of the Organization. The purpose of these offers is to grant them benefits that generate a positive impact in the communities where they operate.

Entrepreneur from the Novaventa direct sales network.

Strengthening the relationship with customers

The National Meeting of Agents was held with the objective of recognizing them as allies, supporting them in their development as entrepreneurs and training them in issues related to labor legislation, risk control, tax laws, and the management of relations with themselves and with other people. They had the opportunity to interact with different suppliers according to their businesses. In total, 100 agents participated in this event.

Additionally, 34 co-creation and ideation workshops were organized with customers from the supermarkets and retail channels to identify their needs and create work plans for their businesses.

Novaventa held the annual “Día Diamante” (Diamond Day) event, which is a recognition program for the best direct selling customers. In its fourth edition, the event explored moments of consumption with all Grupo Nutresa’s Businesses, the individual entrepreneurs were trained in aspects related to nutrition and well-being, and they were provided with relevant information about the brands. 2.500 people attended the event.

“Día Diamante” (Diamond Day) event with Novaventa individual entrepreneurs.

Loyalty and engagement model

Loyalty and engagement programs were implemented in all Businesses. Comercial Nutresa, with its Socios Nutresa program (Nutresa Partners Loyalty program), benefited 3.600 customers and thus expanded the program in the traditional channel in Colombia while reaching new segments such as minimarkets, wholesalers and coffee and bakery shops. For its part, the Ice Cream Business in Colombia, with its “Super Socios” (Super Partners Loyalty program) program, which involved 5.600 customers, delivered benefits and provided training according to the needs of each segment. In the same way in Costa Rica, Pozuelo extended its wholesaler loyalty program to other customers in Central America.

Value propositions tailored to the needs of customers

All Grupo Nutresa’s companies worked on redesigning value propositions for the customers. The propositions were adapted to the characteristics and needs of the different segments in order to deliver attributes aligned with the customers’ rational, emotional and convenience expectations, generating value and sustainability in their businesses. These proposals are designed considering the different dimensions of loyalty, such as: service, relationship, product, commercial conditions and access.

Employee from the Distribution Center, Industrias Aliadas.

Point of sale management and business development

The Organization continued to work on the “Bambú” Project. This project is aimed at promoting a model of Grupo Nutresa commercial developers that generates competitiveness and gives sustainability to mom and pop stores and minimarkets. It provides consultancy based on shopper studies, which supplies shops with a model of integral business. In 2016, 607 customers were benefited with this program in Colombia, and both the customers and Grupo Nutresa achieved high levels of satisfaction and sales growth.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty

Satisfaction evaluates the alignment between what Grupo Nutresa delivers and the expectations of customers with regard to the performance and efficiency of the processes. The score was 88,8 in Colombia and 91,6 in the international operations. This achievement places the Group’s management on a high satisfaction level according to global standards.

Loyalty indicates both the emotional connection with customers and their willingness to recommend Grupo Nutresa’s products. Colombia scored 76,0 and the international operations scored 71,6 in this indicator, which also reflects the Organization’s level of excellence.

Sustainability in logistics operations

Meals de Colombia salespeople, Bogotá.

Opperar Colombia has improved the quality of life of nearly 900 people who work in the areas of dry-product storage and transportation for the Cold Cuts and La Recetta networks. It complies with standards of occupational well-being, remuneration and occupational health. Additionally, it relies on a fleet of new high-tech vehicles, which makes it possible to reduce the carbon and pollutant emissions associated with product transportation.

In 2016, Grupo Nutresa updated the measurement of the greenhouse gas inventory for the primary and secondary transportation of its finished products in Colombia. This action allowed to identify the higher pollution focal points, as well as practices that minimize emissions.

The second edition of the Clean Transport Guidelines was published. This edition has a broader coverage throughout the different stages of the cargo transportation process. This broader coverage required supplementing both the measurement and monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions caused by transportation in the production stages of the value chain. It also made it necessary to conduct a comprehensive assess ment, benchmark good practices and establish indicators that allow to monitor the environmental performance in order to define the corresponding mitigation and compensation strategies.

In addition, alternative transportation technologies with a lower environmental impact were explored. For instance, two electric vehicles are operating in the Comercial Nutresa regional offices in Bogotá and Medellín. These electric vehicles provide ergonomic benefits for drivers and generate lower emission. GRI 302-2 [SDG 7] [SDG 8] [SDG 12] [SDG 13]

GHG emissions from primary and secondary transportation in Colombia: 55.293 tons of CO2eq.

Environmentally friendly sales process

Meals de Colombia freezer main- tenance te- chnician with a customer in Bogotá.

The Organization delivered 7.800 product-conservation refrigerators to its customers. These refrigerators do not use refrigerating gases and have a low energy consumption LED lighting system. The objective of this action is to guarantee an optimal product storage while contributing to the environmental sustainability. Additionally, customers were provided with bioplastic displays and merchandising material made from recycled cardboard and environmentally friendly water-based ink.

In 2016, the energy consumption in the distribution to third parties totaled 148.290,96 kWh.